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Cancer Outfitters

     You simply can't get back time.  It is a precious resource that doesn't rewind and only moves forward.  Patients and caregivers have enough to spend their time and energy on while going through cancer treatments, traveling to stores to get the products you need shouldn’t consume your days.
     Cancer Outfitters was created to help you be organize, manage your care and be comfortable on your cancer journey.  Our dedicated team is here to bring those products together on your behalf, gathering everything you need on this journey so you can focus on living. 

Our Why

     July 14, 2016, changed the lives of many people when our founder's late husband, Scott, was diagnosed with Stage 4 Colon Cancer.  Family and friends rallied and gave tremendous support, but as his primary caregiver, Melissa began to notice she couldn't find the things that were needed to help manage side effects, make him more comfortable, make chemo days easier, and organize for appointments, without spending time in and out of stores to find things.  All of this took time and energy that she didn't have.   
     Melissa also realized how much research there was to do in order to find products to make life easier for him.  From gloves to manage neuropathy (indoors, for the refrigerator, but also able to work the phone), to finding clothing that would allow him to enjoy being outdoors and protected from the sun, managing horrible mouth sores, etc.  Going on the hunt for those items took time away from spending the days the way he wanted, with Melissa, his boys, his family, friends, or resting. 
     Then there were appointments and treatment days.  Keeping track of everything is more difficult when you are in the thick of it.  Always grateful for anything that saved time and allowed them to focus on the things that really mattered, Scott and Melissa dreamed of Cancer Outfitters as a way to ease the daily burdens faced by cancer patients and caregivers and give back with what was learned.   
     We can't give you everything, but we will work to bring you products that are meaningful and help bring you comfort, less stress, organization, help with side effects and help you live life to its fullest. 


Simplify life for cancer patients and caregivers by creating a one-stop shop.


To see cancer patients and caregivers spend more time doing what they want,
and less time searching for what they need. 

We hope this sight is of great service to you,

Melissa and Scott