Mastectomy Recovery: What your doctor doesn't have time to tell you!

Mastectomy Recovery: What your doctor doesn't have time to tell you!

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Author: Trish Duke

Edition: 1

Number Of Pages: 268

Publisher: Trish Duke

Release Date: 06-06-2014

Details: Use this Best-selling Oncology book on Amazon to learn from international breast cancer experts. Breast cancer survivors, a surgeon, a physician, a nurse and a physio. 'Mastectomy Recovery' is a useful handbook to dip into 24/7 until breast cancer is just history in your life. These experts will answer your questions and bring you a compendium of answers with reliable solutions to help you to make the best recovery and guide you back to normality. Your breast cancer treatments can take a year or more to complete. Is it all over then? To some extent it is, but often there are areas of your life that still need restoring or adjustments for a while yet. While you are in the treatment phase it is common to be fearful and insecure. You want to know how to cope and where to find the courage you need. Everyone has lots of questions but don’t want to bother the doctors …they are so busy. It’s important that you understand the treatment options offered to you and can ask your doctors appropriate questions to make informed decisions. You want to know how to speed up your recovery both physically and emotionally. You and your husband could be worrying about how a mastectomy will affect your sex life. Single ladies will be concerned about how a new partner would accept them. Then there’s the issue of what to wear, bras, clothing and swimwear. You want to look and feel good for the rest of your life! You also need good information about how to avoid or minimise Lymphedema. All these issues and more are addressed in this Amazon Bestselling Oncology book. TESTIMONIALS.… The medical team are focused on my treatments, but I needed help on the inside as well. No-one told me how to ‘weather the storm’ and it was affecting my family as well. Lots of wisdom and supportive solutions in this book that I couldn’t have thought of by myself. This is an excellent resource for anyone after breast cancer surgery from day one. Easy to follow, practical suggestions. A ‘must read’ if you want to r

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